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Tadini Monte Carlo Investments & Partners is an advisory company based in Monaco focusing on luxury real estate investment opportunities. We are a team of real estate experts with more than 20 years of experience in developing, managing, and facilitating real estate projects.
Do you need to refurbish or renovate your property? We can do it for you. We specialize in the rehabilitation of undervalued properties helping our clients to increase the value of their properties and the chance to sell.

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We focus on results reducing time of sale

In need of advice? We support our clients during their journey to finding the best real estate investments that meet their needs in a confidential way. Having access through our local partners to exclusive opportunities, we take it into our hands to offer you the best.

Real Estate Advising

We specialize in luxury renovation. Working with general contractors, designers, and architects, we will take all the stress away from the renovating process and help you create the perfect living space and add value to your home.


Have you ever wished for a luxurious space that feels like home? We focus on creating a perfect balance between comfort and style. This is your chance to renew your relationship with your home. To make it stylish and functional, we propose new furniture layouts that maximize living space creating cohesion throughout your home.


Maximize the chances of selling your property with our home styling and rendering services. We offer you professional 3D rendering as when it comes to selling your home, the appearance to a potential buyer can make all the difference. Our home staging and decorating expertise will help you create inviting spaces that attract a wider audience of potential buyers. Enhancing the lighting, textures and accessories of your beautiful home will reduce its time on the market and increase the value of your property.

home staging + rendering

We provide insights into real estate markets through qualitative and quantitative metrics in selective markets in Europe. We can guide the promotion of your Real Estate venture; we are real estate facilitators providing services able to find you the right financial support and legal structure.

strategic marketing

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Through club deal legal agreements, a limited and selected pool of investors with an appetite for profitable redevelopment investments will have access to exclusive investment opportunities in Monte Carlo.


Join our Investment Club. Start investing today in Monte Carlo, the most stable real estate market in the world! Through our partner Maria Grazia Tadini Zanotti, Marchand des Biens specializing in redevelopment, we can offer you exclusive investment opportunities in Monaco.

The Investment Step Process

let us guide you through your next investment opportunity


Selecting only profitable Real Estate Development Investments in the Monte Carlo Real Estate residential market leveraging from our 20 years of experience, local knowledge and connections to exclusive opportunities and undervalued assets, creating positive ROI’s within one of the most unique property markets in the World.


Working In partnership with an established and highly regarded re-development company to carry out luxury renovation works within budget on a timely basis. The contract manager partner is responsible for analysing property within the portfolio regarding the design renovations, restructuring costs, updates, timelines, and quality control to comply with ROI targets.


We leverage our ability to transform non-target assets to attractive assets that clients are willing to pay for. We perform the renovation work with refined materials at competitive prices to Italian high standard quality. We can create 3D renders offering unlimited possibilities to style/furnish the apartment for potential clients. Allowing us to inflate revenue growth and property profitability.


The properties will be held for an average period of two years to exploit capital growth. The asset sale will be timed to take advantage of the Monaco real estate market working with the most qualified real estate agencies in Monte Carlo.

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Global Vision, Global opportunities

International real estate Investments

We operate at an international level offering a global view of investment opportunities to our clients, allowing for a targeted diversification of assets, thus mitigating the risks associated with it. We are proud to offer a complete range of investment solutions, aware that the best performance comes from putting our investors in a position to access a global market that is not limited to a local area. We have access to exclusive investment opportunities at an international level. We believe in teamwork and know that the most valuable asset is human capital. We are proud to have dynamic professional partners collaborating in total transparency.
Partners Location: ■ London ■ Vienna ■ Milan ■ Paris ■ TelAviv

Meet the team

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profile photo of Maria Grazia Zanotti Tadini Founder of Tadini Monte Carlo Investments


With more than twenty years’ experience in real estate re-development and being established in Monte Carlo for years enabled her to leverage from her local knowledge and connections to source off-market properties.

profile photo of Rebecca Tadini profile photo of jack martin of Tadini Monte carlo Investments Team

luxury renovation & interior design

Born in Monaco and studied Internationally, Rebecca has returned to Monaco to focus on her passion for interior design, while also using her extensive local connections to source assets which would benefit from her re-design expertise.

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